If the Internet annoys you try using the Internet differently


    If you’re the type of person who spends a lot of time — and I would describe “a lot of time” as, like, five minutes a week — getting upset and/or complaining about things that happen or exist on the Internet, allow me to make a simple suggestion that could save you and those around you a number of…

    I’m at a point now and I need to make a decision

    I have been wanting to do this for the past year but have been too scared of the consequences, but…

    Even though I don’t have a job lined up, I’m very seriously considering putting my two weeks at my current job in. 

    I’m just fed up with it all. The recently moved me to customer service, which is better than early collections because of the stable schedule and the fact you only take inbound calls, not outbound calls which makes life better. However you have to know everything. Want to know how long they trained me for? Three days. Yeah, I’ve been there a while but lien releases/titles/knowing the contract are in depth and complicated things. I’ve learned a lot in my year there, but I only know a fraction of what I should know. What kind of company does that?

    A terrible one, that’s what. They don’t care about the quality of service, all they care about is getting another body on the phone. I’m tired of the job, I’m tired of the phones and there is really nothing keeping me there except for a steady paycheck.

    I was thinking if I put in my two weeks, I can find another temp agency and hopefully get a job there. In the meantime I can go back to camming again just so I can get some kind of income and pound pavement to get a part time job. It’s gotten to a point where these options sound a hell of a lot better than working another day at a call center. 

    The practical side of my brain is telling me to keep looking for work, but I have been submitting applications for months now, and not a peep back from anyone. I hear my dad telling me not to do it, to stay put until something better shows up.

    But I’ve been waiting for a year, and nothing has shown up. Either I take action now or I’m forever doomed to stay at a place I hate. 

    I need help, I need advice and input from other people. 

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